Letters of Recommendation

Derek Pender
Gentleman, I am personally writing this letter of recommendation email on your behalf because of the amazing work your company provided my family and I during a very difficult time. This was the first time in my 20 years of having rental and homeowners insurance that I have ever had to submit a claim due to flood damage. My wife and I did not know what to expect and how we were going to be assured our house would be back to pristine condition after the catastrophe. Thank goodness my neighbor referred me to Chambers Construction. Your quick response, professionalism and attention to detail was amazing to watch in action. Ron you went into immediate action coming out to my house the next day to access the damage. You reassured me the damages could be fixed and more importantly since it was a septic hazardous flood my family would be safe. Let me say you were both men of action and transparency.

Throughout the 2 1/2 month repair I always felt in good hands as the insurance needs were taken care of and constant communication of the remodel progress was worked out between you gentleman and the adjuster. Spencer you were amazing in this process making sure i was protected as the homeowner. You were also very flexible in dealing with the insurance check process which had a enormous amount of steps involved in the reimbursement process. None of this slowed down work as you worked feverishly to ensure my house remodel was on schedule as promised. What I really appreciated was the quality of work, quality of workers that were in our house and the attention to detail to ensure we were 300% happy with the final product. You both were always available if we had questions and always responded quickly to any questions. That is rare to find in business anymore and that is what I appreciated the most. Not only did you do phenomenal work but the amount of care and compassion that was put in the work left me reassured we were always in good hands. The little things like checking on us after the work was done and making sure every little paint repair was to my satisfaction who does that anymore in business. Well the simple answer is Chambers Construction does!

In conclusion, Ron and Spencer please feel free to use me as a reference because I would not hesitate to recommend you gentleman to family and friends. I never write reviews or do letters of recommendations that is just not me. However, in this case I had to let you know how impressed and appreciative I am to have been lucky enough to have have met you both. I feel I have a contractor for life if any needs arise in the future.

Derek Pender

Jim Gudehus & Kathleen Hale
DesignBuild offered very effective support at dealing with our insurance company USAA in eventually getting a dramatically more fair property claim settlement to repair the damage from a water leak to our hardwood floors, kitchen cabinets, and dining room carpeting.
They were very knowledgeable and efficient in determining the extent of the water damage to the hardwood floors under and behind our refrigerator and into the sub-flooring and insulation. They also discovered that water damage had extended to neighboring kitchen cabinets, into the framing and wallboard in the walls between the kitchen and dining room, and had damaged the dining room carpeting and padding. They were very experienced in detailing the costs of their water damage mitigation estimate of over $ 5,000 that satisfied USAA and was fully paid.

Designbuild also worked effectively with USAA's independent insurance adjuster to identify what was needed to fully restore our home. However, the insurance adjuster grossly underestimated their initial replacement costs of comparable cabinets (initially $ 8,000 - including R & R labor costs versus the real cabinet replacement costs that USAA finally agreed to of $ 26,000 and $ 3,200 of R & R labor costs) and their initial replacement value of the dining room carpeting and pad (initially $ 1,328 versus the real carpet and pad replacement costs that USAA finally agreed to of $ 1,789).

Also with DesignBuild's help and experience, I was able to work with our previously contracted hardwood flooring contractor to increase USAA's grossly underestimated costs to replace the damaged kitchen hardwoods and to sand and refinish all connecting hardwood flooring from their initial costs of $ 3,354 versus the real costs to replace the damaged hardwoods and sand and refinish all hardwood flooring to a more realistic settlement amount of $ 6,582.
The bottom line, Designbuild's knowledge and experience in dealing with insurance companies were very helpful in getting USAA to increase their initial 10/3/2019 property claim settlement of $ 29,180 to repair the hardwood flooring, replace all kitchen cabinets and the dining room carpeting to eventually on 1/16/2020 a much more realistic total settlement amount of $ 6,582 for flooring and $ 45,107 for restoration of kitchen & dining room damage - a total 77% increase of $ 22,509 ($ 51,689 - $ 29,180).

Jim Gudehus & Kathleen Hale

Jon Hessen (President - CEO of Performance Power)
Design build was contracted to perform water damage restoration to our office location in Bellevue. They responded professionally throughout the bid process, negotiated with integrity and transparency, even to the point of being a partner and client advocate with the insurance claim process. The restoration was completed to the standard of finish and detail expected. Any deficiencies were addressed by Ron's Team. Yes we experienced delays due to the current market conditions with respect to trades. Everybody is very busy in the market at this time, yet Design Build was diligent to try and maintain the project schedule as much as possible. Always available to contact and discuss the project when necessary. Provided the necessary documentation to close out our insurance claim. We will certainly not hesitate to contract Ron and his Team again in the future for either personal or professional construction requirements.


Jon Hessen
President - CEO of Performance Power

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